Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Result of Sammi's cath on 3/1

Sammi's catherization results were not as positive as we had hoped for. They found an aneurysm near her lungs, so now can not move forward with the 2nd part of the unifocilization (heart surgery) until they figure out what to do. Her stenosis of the aortic valve is also really bad. We are waiting for her cardiologist at CHOP and her surgeon to have a conference call with 35 to 40 top pediatric surgeons/cardilogists to discuss her case and see how they should proceed. Everything they are doing for Samantha is new and as they put it, "they are paving new grounds with her" as what she has is the worse case recorded. Nothing has been easy and for once I would just like the doctor's to come out and say they have good news and that never happens. We should know more next Wednesday. I just ask that you all pray for Samantha - our little fighter needs your prayers right now. Thank you! I will post again after I speak to the doctor next week!