Saturday, March 13, 2010

Going Ahead with 2nd heart surgery

Sammi's doctor called us yesterday and advised that the surgeon wants to go ahead with the second part of her heart surgery and that we should not be overly concerned with her aneurysm, as the aneurysm is surrendered by scar tissue. So we are now waiting for the call to set the date for her surgery, which they want to do within the next 3 weeks. After this surgery, she has one more that must be done before the end of the year and that is the huge one, where they will finish the unifocilization (making a pulmonary artery), put a coil on the aneurysm and fix the thickening of the walls of her heart. Then we can take a breather for a bit before the next round of surgeries start.

Samantha is doing great and she now started crawling. She is a really happy baby - she loves spongebob square pants, yo gabba gabba, books, music and she especially loves playing with Frankie.

As hard as this has been on her and all of us, she keeps fighting and she hasn't given up! She is definitely my inspiration!

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  1. Samantha certainly is a fighter! I'm so glad she's not giving up. You guys have a lot coming up, and we will definitely keep you close in our prayers!!

    YAY for the crawling! Go Sammi!!!!!