Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Frankie & Sammi sharing an ice cream sundae!

Growing up....

Just a little update on Sammi....Sammi is walking from furniture to furniture and sometimes she tries to take off across the room and she makes it a little bit, but not too far before falling...but she tries really hard! She is starting to say more words and she loves to dance and sing, but most of all likes to do everything her big brother is doing (or at least tries to). She loves to play the Beatle Rock Band and DS with her brother, as well as the guitar and drums. Her laugh is as beautiful as she is! Sammi is getting ready for her next catherization next month to see if her first two surgeries have please pray for our little angel.....She still doesn't like to eat much solid foods, but she does like bannanas and frozen rasberry yogart and she absolutely loves chocolate (she tries to take Frankie's chocolate..lmao). We are enjoying every second with her....her smile brightens the room, her laughter is contagious....she has the best big brother in the world who doesn't every yell at her and gives her everything she wants...he even spends his christmas and birthday money on presents for her.....I have two awesome kids! We will keep you updated after her cath next month. Thank you everyone for your continued prayers, thoughts, text messages, emails, calls, letters, cards....they give us strength and they remind us that we are not alone and we have so many people pulling for Sammi - thank you, thank you!