Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2nd Surgery Delayed

Samantha's second heart surgery that was suppose to be done in January has now been pushed back to March and she will have to have another catherization done prior to that surgery to make sure she is getting proficient blood to the lower part of the lung, to make sure that the stent that was placed on 12/4 is working and that the lower colleteral that was dialated did not collapse again..... I have been preparing myself mentally for this second surgery as I know how hard a time she had with the first one and now we have to wait another two months...ugh :-(

On a MUCH brighter note...Samantha turned one on 12/19. She LOVED her cake!!! We had sooo much to celebrate that day....Samantha is beautiful, funny, loves music, loves to make faces, dances to spongebob square pants and all music, loves to play with Frankie....I truly don't know what I would do without her and my son....when I start to feel drained, like I can't fight anymore and am too tired...I just look at her and know that she hasn't given up, that she is still fighting and all my strength comes back.....she is definitely an angel!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Result of 12/4 Cath

Samantha had her follow-up catherization done today and even after all of the negative comments and thoughts from the doctors telling us that they didn't have high hopes that the first part of the unifocilization would work, Samantha PROVED THEM WRONG!!!! To quote the doctor "he is absolutely amazed" at how well she is doing and how the first part of the unifocilization worked!!!! She did unfortunately have to be balloned (dialated) and she did have to have a stent put in and again, unfortunately, they think she may have a blood clot, which means more shots at home of levonx, but that is nothing compared to the news that we can now go ahead to the next part of the unifocilization...... We will have to, once again, after the second part of the unifocilization go through this again where we have to wait to see if it worked so we can have the third and final surgery or if she will need the 4 organ transplant.... But for now, all looks good and my angel has proven everyone wrong.....just when I almost gave up, she showed me how to have faith again. She is definitely an angel sent from god!!!!! Mommy and Daddy are definitely going to give her one awesome first birthday party and Daddy wants to invite all those doctors who told us she wouldn't live and to take her home to die so Samantha can throw cake at them :-)